Pledging to Deep Spring Zen

A Note From Rev. Kotoku

Kotoku Crivello

2017 has been a busy year. We began the year with our annual New Years Eve party — quite literally ringing in the new year with 108 hits of the bell, music, good food and fellowship!

And, throughout the year, we offered a number of well-attended classes at the Zen Center, as well as at City of Asylum on the Northside, at the University of Pittsburgh’s Mindfulness Fair and Community College of Allegheny County, with literally hundreds participating. Of course, our regular offerings of zazen and services continued unabated, with many new faces participating throughout the year.

There were several multi-day and one day sesshins in 2017, and we will conclude the year with the 8 day Rohatsu sesshin coming up in December.

A tea ceremony, wedding, memorial services, picnic with friends from the local Buddhist community, too many pot luck lunches to count, tai chi, yoga and Jukai rounded out the year.

American Soto Zen temples unlike their Japanese counterparts are still relatively new entities in this country; we are pioneers of sorts. As such we have a unique opportunity to shape the teaching of Buddha according to the reality of our own lives.

At ZCP we want to continue to build on the important foundational practices of the soto zen lineage given to us down through the generations. At the same time, we intend to encourage the development of programs and events not necessarily associated with traditional zen temples e.g. Tai chi, yoga, and other disciplines and studies that strive to bring harmony, balance and a sense of well-being for all those who visit and practice here.

By doing so we can insure that beyond scriptural study and meditation that is the heart of Soto Zen, we can support the deep connection we all have with each other through the Buddha’s teaching.

Help us to continue serve the Pittsburgh community in 2018 by giving if you can.

Pittsburgh Zen Center, Deep Spring Temple is a non-profit run solely on donations.

Your gift keeps the Zendo open, our Teacher teaching and helps to continue transforming lives through the Dharma.

Pledges made vial the form below can be mailed to:
Zen Center of Pittsburgh
124 Willow Ridge Road
Sewickley, PA 15143

Custom donations and pledges can be made via PayPal on our donation page here.