Engagements, Key Dates and Special Services

In addition to our daily schedule, special programs are offered: classes and retreats, introductory workshops, New Year’s Eve celebration, and Sesshins.

Shuso and Shinsan Shiki Sunday October 31st 10AM – 3PM

“Susho” means “head seat”, and in contemporary Soto Zen, the position of head seat remains an important and prestigious one. It is a formal requirement for attaining the rank of a fully-fledged monk, so this ceremony will be an important “next step” in Daisho Justin Nedrow’s journey. 

Kotoku will be installed as Abbot of the Zen Center of Pittsburgh. 
The ceremony will be officiated by Kotuku’s teacher, Bishop Gengo Akiba and will be witnessed by Soto Zen Priests from various lineages throughout North America as well as representatives from Japan.  

Rohatsu Sesshin

In Zen Monasteries and Zen Centers the first week of December is reserved for Sesshin where one’s time is dedicated to making an effort to realize Awakening in our own life. Sesshin means to gather or touch the heart-mind and is essential for the study and practice of Zen.

Rohatsu is Japanese for “eighth day of the twelfth month” and is recognized a day of Buddha’s Awakening.

The schedule starts in the early morning and ends at 8:30 PM with Zazen, Kinhin, Oryoki meals, and Work Practice

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