A Message from Rev. Kotoku Crivello

Dear Extended Sangha – Friends and Members,

Will you support the Zen Center of Pittsburgh?

The Zen Center of Pittsburgh, Deep Spring Temple offers regular Zen meditation, Buddhist services, classes, retreats and more! You have participated in at least one of our activities, and we are grateful that you have done so! We hope you found the experience to be meaningful and helpful.

We’d like to be able to offer more activities, training and events – to be a hub for beneficial education, programs and events — but we need your continued support to do so.

While we are getting closer each year to achieving financial stability, it is through the support on friends, members and donors that will make this possible.

This summer, we are reaching out to our friends and Sangha members through our Friends and Members Campaign to ask you to consider supporting the Zen Center on a regular basis (or increasing your support if you already give). We need your support to continue to offer Soto Zen practice in the Greater Pittsburgh Area – and to provide retreats, education, programs and events for the benefit of the community.

Our goal – to raise an extra $1,500 per month in pledges!! This will raise enough money to allow us to operate the Zen Center with a predictable and adequate income stream and enable us to continue to not only continue offer Zen practice here in Pittsburgh but to continue to offer and expand our services to the community and offer more member specific benefits:

  • We are working to establish an online Library for Members to reserve books for personal use or class study.
  • We would like to provide greater access to Members for personal retreats either in the Main building or in the private studio.
  • We also would like to offer more classes and events for the community at large. We need to improve our infrastructure to do so.

So, we hope you will consider becoming a regular contributor to the Zen Center, by giving what you can on an monthly basis whether you are a practicing Zen student, a supportive friend or an occasional visitor or participant in one of our classes or events.

Thank you!

Rev. Kotoku Crivello
Zen Center of Pittsburgh, Deep Spring Temple