For those new to the temple, attendance at the introductory sessions is a prerequisite for participating in regular calendar events. We encourage everyone who is new to the Temple to attend in person or online. Sign up for a session offered the 2nd Tuesday evening of each month.

Visiting the Temple is by appointment open only to members and supporters of the Zen Center. Please call ahead to check with the residents about an appropriate time to visit.

As the spread of Covid -19 is continuing to recede, at least in our immediate vicinity, we want to take all reasonable precautions to continue our efforts to stem the spread of the virus.

Wear a mask. Masks are to be worn indoors by everyone regardless of vaccination status.

We will continue to offer Zoom participation Wednesday evening, and Sunday morning.

Check our events page for upcoming classes and special offerings.

Links to remote access on Zoom are provided below.

Sunday Service live streaming 9-11 AM

Wednesday evening practice 6:15-8 PM

Zen Center of Pittsburgh, is a Soto Zen Buddhist Temple founded in 1999. The Zen Center serves the community by offering services, daily meditation and monthly and annual Zen meditation intensive retreats. We are located just thirty minutes north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on fourteen isolated acres with stunning views of the Western Pennsylvania forest. Children are welcome.

Our Mission
The mission of the Zen Center of Pittsburgh, Deep Spring Temple is to provide for the Transmission of the Buddha’s teachings and to preserve the Soto Zen Lineage through the practice and study of Soto Zen Buddhism. ZCP is first and foremost a place in support of The Three Treasures: Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha by emphasizing the importance of both lay practice and priest training.

ZCP is committed to develop and maintain a sustainable membership based organization for the purpose of:

  • Soto Zen Practice and Study for both lay members and Novice/Trainee Priests
  • Soto Zen Religious Services and Events
  • Educational and Cultural Programs and events that serve to nurture balance and harmony in the lives of individuals and the Community-at-large.

How to get here:
124 Willow Ridge Road
Sewickley, PA 15143