Events, Key Dates and Special Services

In addition to our regular schedule, please consider joining us for the following events. We’d love to see you!

December 1 through December 8
Rohatsu Sesshin

In all Zen Monasteries and Zen Centers the week ofDec 1st – 8th is a time to commemorate Buddhas
Awakening, and is reserved for a week of Sesshin.

Sesshin means to gather or touch the heart-mind and is essential for the study and practice of Zen.

A few guidelines
The daily work schedule and office hours aresuspended. All other work and activities will be
conducted in silence.

Meals and Dokusan are for registered Sesshinparticipants only.

If your schedule allows part time participation you may attend for a select block of time but please refrain from coming for a single period of Zazen only. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Kotoku.

Daily schedule information is available here.

***Suggested Donation $350. for the 7 day retreat with overnight stays.
$250. for commuters.