Events, Key Dates and Special Services

In addition to our regular schedule, please consider joining us for the following events. We’d love to see you!

Sunday, October 1
9:00 AM – Newcomer Orientation
9:30 – Sunday Schedule

Mon, October 2
7:00pm – 8:30pm
The Center of Harmony & Opera Hall Venue, 253 Mercer St, Harmony, PA 16037, USA (map)

Zen meditation group sitting the 1st Monday of the month in Harmony.
Kotoku and Colleen Crivello lead Zen meditation and Kinhin (walking meditation).
Those new to meditation and experienced practitioners are welcome.

Sun, October 8
9:30am ZCP Sunday Schedule

Sun, October 15
9am Newcomer Orientation
9:30am ZCP Sunday Schedule
2pm Circle of Faith

Sat, October 21
9am – 4pm
Introduction to Sesshin
Suggested Donation $35.

Sun, October 22
9:30am ZCP Sunday Schedule

Sat, October 28
Zen and the Bodhisattva Way at City of Asylum
11am – 1pm
40 W North Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 (map)

– Bodhichita the practice to awaken all beings
– The Bodhisattva as Practice archetypes in Zen
– The 16 Bodhisattva Precepts in Soto Zen
***Suggested Donation $25.***

Sun, October 29
9:30am ZCP Sunday Schedule

Tues, October 31
6:30pm – 9:00pm
Halloween Ceremony and Party at ZCP

Sat, November 4
2pm – 5pm
Deborah Gouge Memorial

Saturday, November 11
9:00 – 3:00
Heart Sutra Class – Heart of Buddha’s Teaching

Retreat from the city for this day-long event at the Zen Center of Pittsburgh.
Uncover and examine key Buddhist Teachings embedded in the Heart of Great Perfect Wisdom Sutra.
The day will include Zen Meditation, Chanting, Discussion and Q&A. Beginners are welcome! We will provide a complimentary lunch. Cost is $90.00 per person.

Sat, November 18
9am – 3pm
Introduction to Soto Zen Temple Practice at Deep Spring Zen Temple
– Zazen
– Temple Forms and Etiquette
– Chanting
– Zen Lineage
– The use of Temple instruments

***Suggested Donation $60.***